Main streets across the nation are being hit by dried-up tax revenues and state budget cuts that have amounted to more than $50 billion so far. A new report, Navigating the Fiscal Crisis: Tested Strategies for Local Government Leaders, digs into past crises for proven actions local governments can apply to today's recession. The report not only identifies past strategies local leaders employed but offers guiding principles every local leader should implement. They include maintaining spending; avoiding across-the-board cuts and hiring freezes; drawing on organizations and the community for ideas and support; and leading inclusively by encouraging creativity and engagement at all levels of the organization. The report is part of a yearlong project between the International City/County Management Association and the Alliance for Innovation, and includes a wiki for local government employees to share their ideas on weathering this crisis. For even more ideas, listen to GOVERNING's recent online forum Fiscal Crisis: Smart Moves in Challenging Times. Our editorial team and experts from leading state and local government organizations share how the crisis is playing out across multiple levels of government and how each is responding.