Clark County, Nev., has roughly 3,000 children in foster care, and only about 1,000 licensed foster families. To recruit more families, the county department of Family Services held a "fosterware" party. Just like a Tupperware party, a host or in this case a foster family invites friends, family and neighbors to their home to hear a pitch from a DCFS recruiter about becoming a foster parent. Recruiters bring food, drinks and a gift for the host. Hosting foster care parties at a current foster family's home gives invitees a change to see what it's like to foster a child, and gives them a contact for foster-parenting advice should they decide to become a foster parent. Those interested in becoming foster parents still need to complete many hours of classes in order to become licensed. To learn more about this idea, call the Clark County DCFS at 702-455-0181.