As the economy worsens, governors are finding they can't wait for President-elect Obama's stimulus package. Instead, two governors are taking matters into their own hands: Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri has launched his own stimulus package, aimed specifically at small businesses, and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter has announced a series of statewide Small Business Finance Forums to help smaller companies survive the ongoing financial crisis. The forums -- "Surviving Tough Times: Counseling, Tools and Resources for Small Businesses" -- give businesses direct, one-on-one access to federal, state and local government programs, local financial institutions and other business assistance organizations. They provide toolkits, counseling and other information about available resources. Where Colorado's forums aim to help small businesses through tough times, Rhode Island's stimulus package is intended to open up new sources of credit. The Rhode Island package includes an infusion of capital into the state's Small Business Loan Fund, a state-backed loan-guarantee program to encourage lending to small business, and a pledge from the local banking community to invest more than $140 million into small- and mid-sized Rhode Island businesses over the next two years.