About 68 percent of fatal vehicle accidents in Kansas last year were in rural areas, mainly on two-lane roadways. To make the roads safer, the Kansas Department of Transportation will begin installing rumble strips next year down the center lane of two-lane highways throughout the state. The 7-by-12-inch indentations are set within the traditional yellow painted stripes that divide the roadway and are intended to alert drivers before they stray into the wrong lane. Kansas is currently running pilot projects on several two-lane highways in the state but decided to move ahead after evaluating other states' experiences that found that overall motor vehicle crashes at sites with center rumble strips were reduced 14 percent. Officials plan on installing the center rumble strips as each two-lane highway in the state is repaved over the next 10 years. The strips cost about $1,800 a mile, and Kansas oversees about 7,845 miles of two-lane highways. To learn more, contact the KDOT Bureau of Transportation Information at 785-296-3585.