Los Angeles and Beijing Partner to Battle Congestion

Two cities, notorious for their traffic congestion problems, propose a partnership to share resources and research on how to combat these issues.
by | September 30, 2010

When a U.S. city wants to improve how it operates, officials often consult their American colleagues (and we like to think Governing) for best practices. But public officials across oceans serve as valuable resources as well. This month, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (or Metro's) blog The Source reports that it plans to team up with public transportation officials in Beijing to find ways to address transportation issues regarding traffic congestion, construction and management. Both cities are looking for ways to minimize car congestion and emphasize transit. Metro Deputy CEO Paul Taylor, who recently returned from a trip to China to meet with his Beijing counterparts, will submit a memo to Metro's board about the agreement in October. It wouldn't be the first time a city worked with an international peer toward a shared goal. Last year, a similar partnership between New York and London helped the two cities with their tourism efforts by exchanging tips and advertising space to be used to promote the partner city.

Tina Trenkner
Tina Trenkner | Deputy Editor, GOVERNING.com | ttrenkner@governing.com  |  @tinatrenkner