Even in eco-friendly Boulder, where voters approved the first carbon tax in the nation and where residents bike to work at 20 times the national average, the city is finding it isn't easy going green. A 2006 subsidized home energy audit didn't catch on here, so the city is trying again. To encourage homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient, the city is sending "Two Techs in a Truck" door-to-door this spring. The Wall Street Journal reports that the city contractors will caulk windows, change bulbs, inflate car tires for fuel efficiency, mount clothes racks in laundry rooms so people will use dryers less and install low-flow showerheads and programmable thermostats. If these teams see the need for bigger projects, they'll help homeowners make appointments and apply for rebates -- all at taxpayer expense. The city is spending about $1.5 million in city funds and $370,000 in federal stimulus money on the program.