An estimated 600,000 Oregonians do not have health insurance. Starting this week, however, 3,000 of them will win health coverage in a one-of-a-kind lottery. The winners, who will be randomly selected by a computer program, will be admitted to the state's standard benefit plan, which insures 24,000 low-income adults who don't qualify for Medicaid. The plan covers physician services, prescription drugs, emergency medical services, and limited hospital, dental and vision services. Budget limitations closed the standard benefit plan to new enrollments in 2004, and it was reopened this year after program enrollment fell below the number the budget can support. Over a five-week sign-up period, 91,675 Oregonians applied for a chance to win a slot in the insurance program through the Standard Reservation List. The people selected this week will be mailed an application, which they must complete and return within 30 days. Officials estimate 137,000 Oregonians would qualify for the program.