In these tough times, the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency is having to combat urban blight on a lean budget. The agency has found a cheap, environmentally friendly way to do part of that job--clearing thick and tangled weeds from a hillside lot next to the historic Angels Flight railway--with a herd of 100 goats. It'll take the weed-eating goats about a week to 10 days to clear the 2 1/2-acre hillside at a cost of $3,000, compared to the $7,500 the agency would have to pay for a work crew armed with loud, gasoline-powered weed-whackers. An electrified fence helps corral the South African boer goats, which may be used again in the near future to tidy other unsightly, fire-prone areas. The lot the goats are clearing, called Angels Knoll, is slated to become the site of a mixed-use plaza tower. To learn more, contact the agency at 213-977-1600.