A movement to bring locally grown food into schools is gaining popularity -- more than 8,000 schools in 39 states participate in some sort of farm-to-school program. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the latest to launch a farm-to-school program, and is using its Web site to link local producers of milk, eggs, meat and produce with colleges, universities, and public and private grade schools in the state. In addition to providing contact information to school officials, the site provides a step-by-step guide on how to initiate a farm-to-school program; offers resources for teachers and students on Virginia agriculture and eating locally; and features a Virginia produce availability chart. The rising popularity of locally grown food is credited to its environmental, nutritional, educational and -- with gas prices soaring -- economical benefits. To read more about the local food movement, read Fresh Fight by Zach Patton from Governing's April issue.