Drive Less, Win Prizes

Arvada, Colo., residents now have an online resource to help them find alternative methods of transportation – and win prizes.
by | June 3, 2010

With the Denver region's ground-level ozone concentration currently out of compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency standards, Arvada, Colo., is aiming to improve its air quality by reducing the overall number of vehicle trips taken by residents. The city is working with the Denver-based nonprofit Regional Air Quality Council to launch Every Trip Counts, an online resource helping commuters recognize how much they commute and how they can reduce their carbon footprint. The site offers a worksheet for commuters to compare different transportation methods, interactive Google maps to track potential bike and bus routes and a tracking service to monitor attempts to reduce their carbon emissions. Similar to programs in other localities -- such as Way to Go, Seattle! -- commuters who reduce their number of weekly vehicle trips can win prizes. Arvada residents can register for the program -- which officially launches on June 5 -- for free.

Andy Kim
Andy Kim | Former Staff Writer