North Carolina recently launched a Craigslist-like exchange for biomass materials. Need drums of cooking oil for biofuel? Trying to find industrial-sized mounds of manure for your landscaping business? Then, NC BiomassTrader, is a free and convenient way for individuals, organizations and businesses to either trade biomass commodities to those who can use them or to find biomass commodities including vegetable oil, restaurant grease, food scraps, wood chips and other organic materials. Without a home, these valuable materials might otherwise end up buried in landfills or floating through sewers. Overseen by the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources, state officials hope the site will facilitate the development of biomass markets in North Carolina and increase job creation in the state's biomass economy. Delaware, Florida, New York State and Pennsylvania are part of Biomass Trader, a separate service that provides a place for buyers and sellers as well as givers and takers to locate biomass and biomass-derived products.