There are more than 10,000 vacant properties in Buffalo, the city estimates, and it has an ambitious plan to remove 1,000 of them every year over the next five years. To complement this effort, the city has partnered with the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation to restore some of these blighted neighborhoods, one block at a time. The "Block-by-Block" pilot program offers partial funding to any organization seeking to rebuild and renovate existing housing, including renovating adjoining lots to create community gardens or green open spaces, with every grant targeted to proposals that seek to revitalize an entire city block. The grants will be limited to no more than 60 percent funding for any specific project, forcing applicants to seek at least 40 percent from other sources. Officials believe rehabilitating derelict properties on one block will lead to the stabilization of adjacent blocks, and continued funding will be dependent on the pilot's success. To learn more, click here .