Since January, 35 police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty; two of those were from Texas. Adopting the successes of its AMBER Alert and Silver Alert programs, Texas has created the Blue Alert Program -- the first of its kind -- to speed the apprehension of violent criminals who kill or seriously wound local, state or federal law-enforcement officers. Using media broadcasts and the state Department of Transportation's dynamic messaging signs, each alert blankets the state with information such as make, model and color of vehicles and any other details that might help officers identify suspects and arrest them. Overseen by the Governor's Division of Emergency Management, the alerts run for at least 24 hours or until the suspect is caught. To activate a Blue Alert, law enforcement must meet a set of criteria that includes a police officer having been killed or seriously injured, a suspect being determined to pose a serious risk or threat to the public and law enforcement, and a detailed description of the offender's vehicle, vehicle tag or partial tag available to broadcast to the public. To learn more, download this PDF on the program.