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2016 Class of Women in Government

The Women in Government Leadership Program is a special initiative of the Governing Institute. This professional network of accomplished women in state and local government provides a community in which members share their experiences, mentor colleagues and encourage future generations of women in public service. The 24 women in the program’s inaugural cohort -- the Class of 2015 -- were elected and appointed officials from state and local governments across the country. The group includes Democrats and Republicans from 19 different states. To nominate an individual, click here.


Class of 2016:

Raumesh Akbari

Carol Alvarado

Marlene Anielski

Gail McCann Beatty

Stephanie Bice

Mary Ann Borgeson

Rebecca Casper

Toni Carter

Joy Cooper

Wendy Horman

Lindsey Horvath

Adrienne Jones

Linda Langston

Andrea Lea

Charisse Millett

Amy Murray

Erin Oban

Cherrish Pryor

Brenda Roberts

Loretta Smith

Melanie Stambaugh

Shelley Taub

Ivy Taylor

Michelle Wu

Sarah Besnoff