Intake: Streamlining Social and Health Services Enrollment

February 24, 10-11AM PST

Event Description

Join GOVERNING as we chat with senior executives from state and local government—and private sector partners—to gain insights into ways in which states are streamlining social and health services enrollment. This in-depth, online forum probes a host of issues and hot topics including:

  • Where do "call centers" fit in the intake picture?
  • How have states have dealt with the so-called “technology gap”? 
  • Has any state truly achieved a "no wrong door" goal for intake?
  • What is the role of third party intermediaries in the new intake world?


Jennifer LangeJennifer Lange
Program Director
ACCESS Florida


Dave McCurleyDavid McCurley
Managing Director, Global Industry Teams and Human Services—Public Service


Jonathan WaltersJonathan Walters (moderator)
Senior Correspondent and Editor of Human Services Monthly Newsletter

Jerry Koerner
Welfare Program Executive
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Ray Packer
Welfare Program Executive
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania



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