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A Simpler Approach to Business Intelligence: Lower Costs and Better Decisions

March 9
Duration: 1 hour

GOVERNING magazine has been a long-term advocate of data-based decision making and performance management. As our national budget projections have grown ever more dire, the cost pressure on those initiatives has intensified. The great news: exciting developments in technology now make it faster, easier and more cost effective to deliver that Business Intelligence to all levels of government.

In the past, technologists needed to spend months cobbling together an expensive and complex set of software, hardware and integration technologies. Incompatibilities, hidden costs and reduced performance held these early projects back from their full potential. A new approach - in which Business Intelligence tools are offered as a turn-key appliance - has dramatically lowered the cost of performance management.

Join GOVERNING on Wednesday, March 9 at 2 p.m. ET for a live, interactive webinar on this critical topic. You will learn:

  • How data-based performance management is helping transform government
  • Why past approaches to Business Intelligence were so expensive, complex and difficult to implement
  • How new turn-key solutions allow government to deliver Business Intelligence more cost effectively and to a wider audience
  • What examples of Business Intelligence could look like for your organization



John Miri
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Former Director of e-Government, State of Texas

Chris Daly
Senior Solutions Architect

Guy Cavallo
Senior Government Strategist
Microsoft State and Local Government