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Shifting the Nation's Education Model: Teacher Performance Review

March 31
Duration: 1 hour

Discussions on the nation's public education system and, in particular, teacher tenure have become politically charged, but a growing voice comprised of school administrators,  legislators and teacher unions is calling for cooperation between labor and management. Their goal is better support and evaluation for teachers through Peer Assistance Review (PAR) programs.

These programs provide support for struggling educators while addressing common problems cause by tradition-bound school systems, including limitations from union contracts and outdated education models. Critics and supporters alike are eager for the forthcoming data on the effectiveness of PAR programs, made possible by new grant opportunities. Initial results look promising, but questions about effectiveness and financial feasibility remain.

Join GOVERNING on Thursday, March 31 at 2 p.m. ET as GOVERNING Executive Editor Jonathan Walters leads a live, interactive webinar on this important topic.


Participants on this webinar will learn:


  • Why the nation's school systems should consider moving to a knowledge-based education model
  • How and why Hillsborough County, Florida adopted a PAR program, and how labor and management in the district found common ground
  • The benefits and limitations of PAR programs
  • Evaluation methods for measuring PAR program's influence on student performance



Jean Clements
President, Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association
Hillsborough County, Florida Public Schools

Christie Gold
Peer Evaluator
Hillsborough County Public Schools

Stephanie Woodford
Director, Empowering Effective Teachers (Peer Evaluation)
Hillsborough County, Florida Public Schools

Jonathan Walters
Executive Editor