Saving Money and Increasing Performance: Advanced Case Management in Government

September 30
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Governments at all levels are squeezed between increasingly tight revenues and ever-more demanding citizen expectations. The demand for services is on the rise – just as cities, counties, school districts, states, and federal agencies face sharp declines in property tax revenues, sales tax collections, and other sources of funds. How can we get a growing job done for less, without sacrificing the quality of our service?

The answer just might be advanced case management.

If you think case management is a completely solved problem, then it might be time for a second look. New approaches to this familiar discipline are reinventing government service delivery at all types of jurisdictions. From human services to law enforcement to general administrative agencies, there is real benefit from emerging best practices in this area.

Join GOVERNING and IBM for a live, interactive webinar on this important topic. You will learn:

  • How organizations around the nation are decreasing costs by automating routine claims
  • Why exceptions to your normal processes consume so much of your budget – and how they can be handled more efficiently
  • How you can prepare for process audits and make the process much more straightforward
  • Why a 360-view on a case allows your case workers to close cases faster without skimping on quality
  • How agencies like yours are complying with fast-changing rules and regulations


John Miri
Former Director of E-Government, State of Texas
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Chuck Picard
State of North Dakota

Michael D. Stevens
Senior Marketing Executive
Information Management
IBM Software Group