Best Practices to Reduce the Volume of Undeliverable Mail

June 21
Duration: 1 hour

 Each year, state and local governments lose millions of dollars because of overwhelming amounts of undeliverable mail being returned back to their agencies. Don't just accept this problem - learn how new technology tools can help your agency solve its return mail issue.

A government agency study was done in 2010 on a random sample of notices and letters returned. It showed that 37 percent were undeliverable because of invalid or nonexistent addresses; 35 percent had the wrong address; 24 percent were refused by the recipient since they were not at home to receive the certified or registered mail; and four percent were returned for other reasons. Learn from this study and other success stories to help improve your mailroom processes - reduce the huge amount of expenses caused by return mail, automate the handling of return mail and obtain correct addresses. The success of reaching your constituents will dramatically increase revenue for your agency.

Join GOVERNING for a live, interactive webinar on Tuesday, June 21 at 2 p.m. ET as we explore the best practices your peers have put in place to help reduce their overwhelming volumes of returned mail and automate the handling of the reduced amount of return mail.

Participants will learn:

  • How other government agencies have leveraged information technology to automate their process and reduce their overwhelming volumes of undeliverable mail
  • What steps other agencies are taking to improve the systems they currently have in place for identifying bad addresses and other gaps within their mailing process
  • How public records search and analytics capabilities can help enrich your mailing data and reduce your costs tied to return mail



Wilton Agatstein (moderator)
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government

Mitch Hungerpiller
Founder and CTO
Return Mail, Inc.

Alan Ritchie
Return Mail, Inc.

Andy Bucholz
Director of Tax and Revenue Market Strategy
LexisNexis Risk Solutions