Performance Dashboards for Social Services: Breakthrough Success in Santa Clara County

December 8
Duration: 1 hour

We all know that success in social service delivery matters more than ever. But do we have a real-time view of our performance across all programs? Can we act on that view to direct critical resources, remove roadblocks and improve our organizations?

Santa Clara County, California initially had challenges that affect many of us. Their Social Services Department was awash in data, but that data was locked in separate, stove-piped systems. It was impossible to get a clear and comprehensive view of the organization's overall performance. Santa Clara tackled the problem and provided a breakthrough example of best practice success for their colleagues around the nation.

Join GOVERNING and Santa Clara County on Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 2p.m. ET/11a.m. PT for a live, interactive webinar on this important topic:

You will learn:

  • Which trends threaten to make the job of social services much harder
  • How Business Intelligence solutions can help improve visibility into operations through the use of real-time analytics, thereby reducing costs related to fraud, waste and abuse
  • Why the challenges that faced Santa Clara County are common nationwide
  • How Santa Clara harnessed their vast stores of data just below the surface to create a powerful engine of insight and decision-making
  • How the community of Santa Clara has benefited, and how yours can too




Mary Shamouel
Chief Information Officer, Social Services Agency
County of Santa Clara, California

John Miri
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Former Director of e-Goverment, State of Texas

Craig Bartel
Principal Solutions Engineer