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Maximizing Web 2.0 Technology for Increased Citizen Engagement

July 16
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Is your agency making the most of Web 2.0 technology?

Government agencies are not dipping their toe into the Web 2.0 pool. Instead, they have decided that this is the future, and they are jumping in.

Blogs are popping up everywhere. Twitter and YouTube have become official channels. Buzzwords like engagement, transparency, participation, and collaboration dominate President Obama's Open Government Initiative and public discussions.

Unfortunately, government efforts are not getting the value they could from their Web 2.0. technology investments. This could result from the lack of a solid engagement base or the lack of knowledge about technology pros and cons -- or how to map it to their strategic vision.

Join Alan Webber and Loni Stark as they discuss the government immersion into technology for citizen engagement, and what it means for health and human services programs. They will provide insights into:

  • The factors that increase the likelihood of success
  • Which new technologies work well for government programs and which don't
  • How to align new media efforts with strategic initiatives
  • How to prioritize efforts against other competing demands
  • Where to find the resources in tough economic times
  • Examples of where technology has induced participation and created transparency


Loni StarkLoni Kao Stark
Group Solutions Manager, Government
Adobe Systems, Incorporated


Fred KuhnFred Kuhn (moderator)
Associate Publisher


Alan Webber
Principal Research Analyst
Ronin Research