Run for Your Lives: The Human Element in Managing Emergency Evacuations


May 6
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Join GOVERNING for a compelling panel discussion on the intricacies of disaster management. Hear from Amanda Ripley, author of GOVERNING's riveting March article "Run for Your Lives, Please." (JOHN HAS THIS LINK) Plus, take away lessons learned from emergency management experts that have first-hand insights on critical topics including:

  • How do age, health, income and other factors influence how certain citizens respond to emergency authorities?
  • What strategies can officials use for overcoming public resistance to evacuation orders, especially in areas that are frequently in "the eye of the storm?"
  • How do communication strategies need to evolve given changes in local media across the country?


Amanda RipleyAmanda Ripley
"The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why"


Darren MuiseDarren Muise
Account Executive, Commercial Partnerships
VISA Public Sector


Mark StencelMark Stencel (moderator)
Editor & Deputy Publisher


Ron Lane
Emergency Services Director
San Diego County, California

Pete McNally
Emergency Management Director
Polk County, Florida  



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