Managing "Big Data" to Meet Today's Needs

June 2
Duration: 1 hour

State and local government agencies collect and analyze tremendous amounts of data on a daily basis. education, law enforcement, social services and tax and revenue professionals collect and analyze more data than ever before to understand program outcomes and guarantee better citizen service. Analyzing and interpreting the terabytes of information can take countless man hours, even when answers and insights are needed on the fly with today's real-time expectations. The truth is - it can take days to get answers out of our databases.

The next generation of in-memory computing is changing this. In-memory computing enables government agencies to accelerate their data and eliminate the lag time between data analysis and action. Citizen service delivery and improved performance management can be put on real-time footing without costly delays and downtime.

Join GOVERNING on Thursday, June 2 at 2 p.m. ET for a live, interactive webinar as we explore the possibilities of real-time data analysis for daily government operations. 

Participants will learn:

  • How real-time analytics can deliver on improved revenue collections, education effectiveness, fraud analysis, crime/threat control and social service delivery
  • How program managers, auditors, case managers and others can get the answers they need from "big data" where and when they are needed
  • How data acceleration and real-time analytics can eliminate expensive information gaps and delays in planning and service delivery



Bill Leighty (Moderator)
Senior Fellow

Joseph Morris
Lead Analyst
Center for Digital Government

Art Jordan
EIM Solution Principal