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Impacting State Budgets Through Procurement Reform

November 30
Duration: 1 hour

It's no secret that government agencies in every state are looking for ways to reduce overall spending while protecting essential citizen services. For most, procurement reform is a key component in this equation. On this online forum, GOVERNING editorial staff will lead an in-depth discussion on procurement reform strategies that can have a big impact on your bottom line. By utilizing new tools and establishing best practices, procurement reform can make your state, city or agency into a smarter buyer.

Leaders in procurement reform from four states - Georgia, Virginia, Minnesota and Wisconsin - will share best practices from their agencies' successful procurement reform efforts.

To the south, Georgia and Virginia have enhanced their procurement systems to optimize savings and spending potential by adopting e-procurement tools and emulating successful procedures from the private sector. To the north, Minnesota and Wisconsin have made groundbreaking strides in procurement reform by sharing resources, consolidating services and pursuing joint contracts.

Join GOVERNING editorial staff and procurement reform leaders from across the country on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT for a live, interactive online forum on this critical topic.

This in-depth discussion will focus on:

  • Insights from government agencies across the country on their experiences integrating procurement reform practices
  • The benefits of a consolidated purchasing system
  • How to find more efficient ways to do business and serve citizens
  • Identifying initiatives that will result in both long-term savings and short-term gain




Brenda Willard
Assistant Director, Materials Management Division
Dept. of Administration, State of Minnesota

Helen McCain
Procurement Bureau Director
Dept. of Administration, State of Wisconsin

Ron Bell
Director, Division of Purchases and Supply
Dept. of General Services, Commonwealth of Virginia

Tim Gibney
Assistant Commissioner of Procurement
State of Georgia

Charles Smith
Director of Purchasing, Dept. of Corrections
State of Georgia

Paul Taylor

Tod Newcombe (moderator)