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Greener Government: Energy Efficiency in Government IT Infrastructure

March 16
Duration: 1 hour

The federal government has taken a leadership role in improving energy efficiency in government IT infrastructure. Seeking cost savings to support constrained budgets state and local government executives and managers can profit from federal experience in policy guidelines, mandates as well as best practices. In high density computer facilities electricity costs are a dominant operational cost. By updating IT facilities and systems to maximize energy efficiency states and localities can reap important benefits, such as improved environmental performance and significant cost-savings. Data center system overhauls are expensive and time-consuming, but similar enterprise-wide results can be achieved through simple and direct changes, such as completing a comprehensive efficiency assessment, utilizing modern technology solutions and implementing innovative best practices.

Join GOVERNING on Wednesday, March 16 at 2 p.m. ET for a live, interactive webinar on this vital topic. Participants will learn...

  • How to identify cost-effective IT facility energy efficiency upgrade opportunities
  • Which simple steps can immediately reduce energy consumption, in many cases reducing data center electricity bills by 20 - 50 %
  • Ways to improve existing architecture through small changes without undergoing a system overhaul


Bob Graves
Senior Fellow

Tony Evans
Director, ITB Worldwide Defense Systems Team
APC by Schneider Electric