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Using Technology to Budget and Manage for Results

June 16
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

With the constant demand from executives, lawmakers and citizens for real-time government performance data, cites, counties and states are looking for solutions to help deliver this information quickly, effectively, and in a budget-conscious manner. The basic question left to such jurisdictions when acquiring software to ensure budgetary, administrative and service delivery goals are being met, is whether to buy off the shelf, purchase a customized program, or attempt to create an in-house solution.

In Washington State, the Transportation Improvement Board (WTIB), a special-purpose government agency that gives grants to local governments to fund transportation projects, developed a data dashboard completely in-house which has become a critical aspect of program management for the agency. The system, which first went live in 2004, allows the group to monitor, in real time, road conditions, budget overages, and data points necessary for day-to-day road maintenance operations.

Join GOVERNING at 2 p.m. ET on June 16 for an online forum that will spotlight WTIB’s use of a performance management system that took it from the verge of extinction to a nationwide model; and other jurisdictions across the country that are buying or building performance management systems to better track budgets and program results. This in-depth discussion will focus on:

  • How the WTIB built, uses, and maintains its data dashboard
  • How to use technology to immediately deliver data to keep your organization on target
  • How a performance management system can improve your organization’s efficiency and citizen satisfaction


Steve GorcesterSteve Gorcester Executive Director
Washington State Transportation Improvement Board


Jonathan WaltersJonathan Walters (moderator)
Staff Correspondent