Business Intelligence in the Public Sector

July 21
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

As government budgets continue to shrink, agencies are consistently asked to do more with less.  When it comes to information management and decision support, resource optimization comes at a higher premium than ever before and the top performing public sector organizations are leveraging business intelligence (BI) tools and strategies to achieve more efficient resource usage.  Learn how Best-in-Class organizations in the public sector are generating more efficient data capture, information assembly, and insight delivery in order to make better decisions and drive higher performance as a result. The research will demonstrate that public sector organizations utilizing a well conceived and comprehensive strategy for BI are leveraging more organizational data, expending fewer resources, and delivering mission-critical insight to their workforce in a timely fashion.

Join GOVERNING and SAP at 1pm ET on July 21 for a Webinar  geared toward operational managers, business analysts, and IT professionals within the government sector, that will  help clarify best practices for BI implementation and usage that lead to better resource utilization and enhanced performance.


Michael Lock
Senior Research Analyst
Business Intelligence
Aberdeen Group

Fred Kuhn (moderator)