Unlocking Money Saving Secrets through Data

August 3
Duration: 1 hour

As governments deal with incessant demand for services and limited resources, it’s been said more than once that data is king. Uncovering inefficiencies and waste, unlocking potential revenues, doing more with less, all are mantras for this generation of government.

State and local government agencies are unlocking money saving secrets through accurate and standardized data, identifying fraud “hot spots”, and cost recovery strategies.

Join in a discussion about the most advanced and effective data strategies that have proven time and again to save millions of dollars in postal and other costs.

Key discussion areas will include:

  • Data Quality Solutions for state and local government


  • Addressing fraud, waste, and abuse through analytics


  • Money saving strategies

Featured Speakers

Liza Lowery Massey
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government
Former CIO
City of Los Angeles, CA
Former CIO
City & County of
San Francisco, CA

Navin Sharma
Director of Product Strategy
Data Quality
Pitney Bowes



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800.917.7732 ext. 1407