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The Evolution of Constituent Communications: From Bulk Printing to Personalization

May 17
Duration: 1 hour

There is no doubt that constituents respond better to on-demand, personalized communications. Citizens tell us that a more personalized approach improves response rates to mailings and reduces angry phone calls to help lines. Government isn’t just responding with one type of document anymore, but a whole range of communication from batch to on-demand to interactive. It’s well established that constituents report higher levels of customer satisfaction with government. These changing expectations are spurring an evolution in constituent communications.

Getting smarter about printing personalization can also be great for your bottom line. You can cut down on misdirected mail, shrink follow-up mailings and reduce the cost of telephone help desks. More importantly, key business processes from unemployment insurance to tax collection to health and human services. It’s the reframing of business processes that poses the biggest opportunity for cost reductions.

Join GOVERNING for a live, interactive webinar that will show you how to:

  • Personalize communications to increase effectiveness
  • Restructure expensive business processes for cost savings
  • Connect with your constituents for better customer service

Featured Speakers

Gopal Khanna
Senior Fellow, GOVERNING Institute
Former CIO, State of Minnesota

Lisa Lynn Sutrick
Director of Product Management
Pitney Bowes Business Insight

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