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Tapping Languishing Financial Assets: A Structured Framework for Collecting Delinquent Debt

June 26
Duration: 1 hour

The increase in public debt is a growing problem facing the U.S. economy. Funds are limited at all levels, from Washington, D.C., and the states to cities and towns. From municipalities to public universities, a large number of America’s public organizations are facing increased budget constraints, yet they hold millions of dollars in debt that could be monetized to bring in immediate and recurring revenues. According to the National Association of Counties (NACo), local government had more than $40 billion in uncollected taxes and fees, while outsourcing about 50% of that debt to third party collectors.

Join us for an in-depth look at the recent survey findings from the GOVERNING Institute and hear from government and industry as they discuss how to:

  •     Examine your current debt collection process to improve efficiency and reduce stale debt
  •     Create a more effective vendor management program to improve liquidation rates
  •     Evaluate stale debt holdings to maximize the value of these receivables for budget impact and taxpayer relief

The webinar is intended for a broad range of state and local officials—from elected policymakers, city/county managers, finance directors and other public officials with unpaid taxes, fees and fines sitting stagnant on their balance sheets.


Mike Lawson
Senior Fellow


Joseph Morris
Director of Research & Analysis

Jeff Bernstein
Lead Consultant
Experian Public Sector