August 9


Recognizing the need to stimulate the modernization of child welfare systems and programs -- nearly 70 percent of state child welfare systems are more than 15 years old -- the federal government published the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) rule. Governments now have the opportunity to rethink and redesign the processes and technology supporting child welfare, and implement innovative solutions that weave technology and casework together to accelerate outcomes for children. These solutions should empower success, provide caseworkers with deep insights for the children and families they serve, engage the full ecosystem of service providers, and ultimately, improve outcomes — outcomes that mean more children are safe and living with families they can call their own.

On August 9, 2018 at 11am Pacific, a panel of child welfare thought leaders will come together to unpack the new CCWIS rule, discuss what the next generation of child welfare systems should look like and highlight the evolving demands these systems must address. This hour-long Governing webcast will also cover:
• The impact of changing social and economic dynamics on child welfare programs
• The opportunity CCWIS provides to better outcomes for children and families and enhance support for caseworkers
• The benefits of cloud, modularity, user-centered design and other innovations