Streamline Budgeting: Break Free from Outdated Processes

October 10
Duration: 1 hour

Budgeting in the Public Sector can be described as complex, complicated and all budget drafting documents are politically driven.  There has been a need for a simpler solution to budgeting in the public sector for some time.  Are there viable solutions in the marketplace already?  This webinar will answer that and more. 

  • Can you rationalize keeping your current budgeting system?
  • Is your budget application ready for primetime?
  • Can your budget application meet the unique needs of the public sector?
  • Is your budget application capable of cloud-based deployment?

Join this interactive webinar as we peel back the layers of public sector budgeting to learn about solutions to help:

  • Increase transparency for constituents
  • Develop adaptable, user-friendly, and collaborative systems for your agency
  • Gain real-time data on actual expenditures and budget comparisons for improved decision-making
  • Integrate data from existing programs for informed strategizing
  • Streamline data analysis for faster, more accurate data sharing across programs


Pat Saffo
Manager, Office of Financial Management and Budget
Planning and Budgeting Team
Colorado Department of Transportation

Christian Fuellgraf

Global Director, Public Budget Formulation


Harold Tuck
Former CIO, San Diego County
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

For questions or details, contact:

Katie Howard

Registration Coordinator
800-917-7732 ext. 1421

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