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Moving Out of the Red: Improving Government’s Collection of Delinquent Receivables

November 13
Duration: 1 hour

Delinquent receivables owed to governments have increased at rapid rates in recent years and tax revenues from most sources have also declined due to the great recession. This scenario, coupled with consumers shifting viewpoints on how they manage their finances have put increased pressures on governments to provide services with constrained budgets. Currently, there are several hundred billion dollars of delinquent receivables, especially aged receivables, owed to governments that could be collected and used to provide valuable services to citizens.

Government receivables pose some unique challenges that aren’t found in private sector receivables. Most programs are based on voluntary collections, and debtors are also constituents. There is a different dynamic – and different rules – that apply when a government agency collects its debts.

Join GOVERNING for this live, interactive webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the unique constraints on government collections
  • Adapt and adopt industry best practices to increase your collections rate
  • Master the four keys to successful collections
  • Leverage third-party databases for identity resolution, location, and monitoring


John Miri
Senior Fellow


Kevin Milligan
Bureau of Enforcement Planning, Analysis & Discovery
PA Department of Revenue
Charlie Helms 
Division Director, Tax Compliance
Collection Division NC Department of Revenue

Scott Straub
Market Planning & Strategy, Government Collections

For questions or more information, contact:

Michael Shane

800-917-7732 ext. 1410

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