August 23

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The term artificial intelligence (AI) is popping up everywhere in government, and it can be hard for public sector leaders to understand where it can have a true impact. In this webinar, we are sorting through the buzz and discussing how AI can help communities better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. Please join us for this hour-long, informative webinar that will help you answer questions like:
• What exactly is AI and what is its role in disaster management?
• How does AI work with other emerging technologies like machine learning to better prepare communities for a disaster?
• What funding sources are available to help pay for AI solutions?


Daniel Ghiorso

Daniel Ghiorso

Fire Chief, Woodside Fire Protection District

Craig Fugate

Craig Fugate

Chief Emergency Management Officer, One Concern, Inc. and Former Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency

William H. Leighty

William H. Leighty — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing Institute