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Managing Absenteeism in the Public Sector

May 15
Duration: 1 hour

 What impact does absenteeism really have on government productivity and efficiency? A recent study conducted by GOVERNING Research indicates that the majority of state and local government agencies rely on manual processes to track and approve time and absence, and 51% feel they do not have the data they need for workforce management decision making.  There are obvious downsides to manual processes like human error and the potential for erroneous absence tracking.  But the inaccurate tracking of time also impacts productivity, FMLA compliance, revenue, and pay-outs upon separation or retirement.  

Join as we discuss the results from the 2012 Managing Absenteeism in State and Local Government survey conducted by GOVERNING Research.  We’ll explore how absenteeism impacts your budget and operations. We’ll also share examples from public sector organizations who have assessed absence management gaps and are executing strategies to solve the problem.   
Fred Kuhn 
Larry Fitch
Senior Workforce Management Consultant for Public Sector
Kronos, Inc
Joseph Morris
Lead Analyst
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