Increasing Financial Empowerment

November 29
Duration: 1 hour

Financially empowered citizens are the key to the nation’s economic health. Many state and local governments are rightfully concerned about and working toward helping the “unbanked” and “under-banked” build the personal and financial resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency. 

Issuing benefits through prepaid cards helps achieve self-sufficiency for these citizens, freeing them from high cost, alterative financial institutions such as check cashing stores, payday lenders and title lenders. Governments benefit from decreased postage and check printing/reprinting costs. 

Join GOVERNING magazine for this webinar to explore how issuing benefits with prepaid cards helps governments:

  • Enable the “unbanked” to achieve self-sufficiency
  • Give citizens greater security and convenience
  • Reduce fraud 
  • Decrease postage and check printing/reprinting costs
  • Increase efficiency and save time


Mark Funkhouser
Former Mayor of Kansas City
Director of GOVERNING Institute



Lella Miller
Director of Treasury Operations
West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office

Tom Vogel
Director of Financial Education
West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office 

Craig Driver
Vice President
Public Sector

Mamta Rodrigues
Vice President
Marketing and Product Development

For questions or more information, contact:

Katherine Howard
800-917-7732 ext. 1421

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