October 10

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Citizens want to know how government agencies spend their tax dollars. In the past, providing that data was labor intensive and costly, if not impossible due to legacy systems. But the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has found a better way with the launch of CTHRU. A financial transparency platform powered by Socrata, CTHRU opens up payroll and spending data, creates an easier path to statewide costs savings and empowers citizens to keep officials accountable.

Importantly, CTHRU goes beyond serving up rows of numbers and transactions. Instead, it provides visuals of the data so citizens and staff can understand it quickly.

Please join Governing on October 10, 2017, at 11 a.m. pacific for an interactive and informative one-hour discussion on how your state can easily allow free and open access to data. We’ll talk to Massachusetts state leaders about their success with Socrata and their transparency platform, including how they have:

- Garnered 150,000 views and 20,000 unique visitors in six months
- Reduced setup costs by 86% compared to their previous transparency system
- Surfaced 21 million rows of data, some dating back to 2010
- Created automated, interactive data visualizations to improve visitor analytics


Christopher Guido

Christopher Guido

Deputy Comptroller/CIO, Office of the Comptroller, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

CTHRU Team Leader, Office of the Comptroller, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Ewan Simpson

Ewan Simpson

Territory Manager, Socrata

Charles Chieppo

Charles Chieppo — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Governing Institute