Health and Human Services: America’s Critical Caseload

September 25
Duration: 1 hour

HHS is big, complex, expensive and very often a lifeline for families at risk in communities across America.  It is under pressure as state and local governments struggle under constrained budgets and increasing demand for services during what is, to date, an anemic economic recovery.  It is also under unprecedented scrutiny with looming federal deadlines in 2014, a recent Supreme Court decision and its use as a campaign issue during this year's election cycle.

A new research driven special report from the Center for Digital Government and the Governing Institute provides a comprehensive landscape view of the environment as HHS executives and elected officials work to meet 21st Century expectations with mid-20th Century infrastructure.
This Special Report webinar highlights the findings of original research done with HHS officials and practitioners and the work of two guests, both of whom are leaders in the field.  The webinar will address four vital issues in modernizing HHS delivery:
  • Service collaborations, featuring the multi-state START program
  • IT System replacement
  • Financing models
  • Procurement

Paul Taylor


Reggie Bicha
Executive Director
Colorado Department of Human Services

Thomas Baden
Minnesota Department of Human Resources

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