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Health Insurance Marketplaces: Different Models, Different Considerations

January 30
Duration: 1 hour

With less than nine months until the Health Insurance Marketplaces are due to open for business, there is no time to waste.  States have chosen their model and must work towards implementation.

The US Department of Health & Human Services has set forth three options states may take in the development of their Health Insurance Marketplaces.

Three options are available:

1.    Establish a state run marketplace;
2.    Participate in a partnership marketplace
       (Federally Facilitated Partnership – State/Federal partnership);
3.    Use the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace (formerly Federally Facilitated Exchange)

Join GOVERNING, industry experts and state leaders for a live Webinar to discuss:

  • The three different models of health insurance marketplaces and the benefits of each
  • The most important considerations now in order to prepare for a future transition from a Federally Facilitated Partnership to a state-based marketplace in the future
  • Two different approaches from the states of Maryland and South Carolina including their decisions, progress and expected results

Time is running out!
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John Supra
Deputy Director & Chief Information Officer
Department of Health and Human Services
State of South Carolina


Saleem Sayani
Chief Information Officer
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


Jerry Fralick
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Former CIO, State of North Carolina


John Sweeney
Cúram Senior Product Manager
IBM Software Group

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