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Health Care Reform Webinar Series 4

December 19
Duration: 0 hours

"Access to affordable health insurance is only one part of an integrated state Health & Human Services vision that improves health care by improving access, outcomes and reducing costs."  Get expert insights on some the hottest topics in health care, including accountable care programs, consumer-directed health plans, health homes and more in this live webinar series.  Please join us for the fourth webinar in the series to gain the in-depth understanding you need to succeed in the evolving health care landscape!

Health and Social Program Collaboration - Strategies for 2014 and beyond!
Speaker: Brian Patt, Head of Exchanges, Global Alliance Manager, Associate Vice President, Infosys Public Services, Inc.
Dec 19, 12-12:45 pm ET

While roll out of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has drawn a great deal of attention in recent months, the health insurance marketplaces are only one step towards realizing an integrated state Health & Human Services vision that improves health care not just health insurance by improving health outcomes and reducing costs. This vision consists of coordination and collaboration across health care and social programs so that all stakeholders have a complete view of the individual and family. Such a model offers flexibility to configure to state specific needs, ability to integrate insurance, Medicaid and other social programs into a unified view for constituents with manageable support, and provision for new value added services for healthcare. How can this vision be implemented rapidly and predictably?

You will learn:

  • The current state of health and social program collaboration and coordination – are we ready for helping families across all programs?
  • Implementing successful collaboration efforts – the future of care management across families
  • Options for leveraging your past investments into visibility and management at the family level – what’s right for your state?
  • Essential guidance for states for 2014 and beyond

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