Health Care Reform Webinar Series 1-3

December 12
Duration: 0 hours

Across the nation, health care delivery is undergoing a transformation—are you prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead? Get expert insights on some the hottest topics in health care, including accountable care programs, consumer-directed health plans, health homes and more in this live webinar series. Join one, or take part in them all to gain the in-depth understanding you need to succeed in the evolving health care landscape!

Webinar 1:  Accountable Care Momentum and Growth
Originally Aired on:   Nov 21, 12-12:45 pm ET
Speaker: Cynthia Burghard, Research Director, IDC Health Insights

Accountable care programs play a vital role in developing a more economically sustainable health care system. These programs shift the payment model from a traditional fee-for-service arrangement, where reimbursement is tied to the amount of care provided, to a model that emphasizes the quality and total cost of care provided. Studies show that despite attempts to derail federal accountable care programs, these collaborative, outcome-based models improve quality of health care and result in higher patient satisfaction.

You will learn:

  • The current state and future course of accountable care growth
  • About the most successful accountable care business models
  • More insights from the IDC Health Insights maturity model for accountable care
  • Essential guidance on features such as governance, budgeting, people, processes, data, and technology

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Webinar 2:  Consumerism, the Smarter Path to Health Reform Success
Originally Aired on:  Dec 5, 12-12:45 pm ET
Speaker:  Dr. Steven D. Neeleman, MD - CEO and Founder of HealthEquity, Inc

Now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is being implemented throughout the United States and the health insurance exchanges have opened for business, federal and state government officials, employers, and health plans are looking for innovative ways to drive success for their organizations in this new landscape. They’re also facing one of the biggest challenges to the health care system today: The fact is that most patients don’t understand the cost of insurance or care. 

You will learn:

  • The latest developments in the fast-changing world of healthcare reform
  • Ways employers can ensure their plans remain affordable for their employees.
  • How Smarter Care coupled with consumerism can help manage the high cost, high need citizens within the health care system

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Webinar 3:  Patient-Centered Medical Home: The Foundation for Whole-Person, Accountable Care
Speaker: Dr. Paul Grundy, MD, MPH, FACOEM, Global Director, Healthcare Transformation, IBM
Dec 12, 12-12:45 pm ET

The way health care is delivered is undergoing a fundamental shift. Data and information are critical to addressing the challenges presented by an aging population, global chronic disease epidemic, and mobile society.  Collaboration among care providers is needed to ensure coordinated care for the individual as well as for overall population health. The integration of healing relationships in primary care and population management—all at the point of care—is the goal.  But how do we get there? 

You will learn:

  • Technologies and tools that can analyze language and process vast amounts of information to quickly find the right options for a patient’s needs; and then make that information available to the people who need it
  • Ways a Patient Centered Medical Home can reduce hospital costs as well as overall medical costs
  • How medical home physicians can help patients avoid ERs and admissions through evening hour, weekend, and same-day appointments
  • Why this model has become the standard in the United States

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