GOVERNING FROM THE CLOUD: Pierce County, WA, and the City of Orlando

January 24
Duration: 1 hour

You’ve heard that many things are moving to the cloud – but can government be one of them? Leading organizations are in fact moving certain technologies into the cloud to save money and improve service effectiveness. Pierce County, Washington, and the City of Orlando, Florida, are two great examples of those who have recently decided to make the switch. The benefits of moving to the cloud are compelling: including lower costs for maintenance and operations, greater flexibility, and enhanced worker collaboration. 

Join GOVERNING for a live, interactive webinar on this important development. You will learn about the: 
  • Challenges Pierce County and the City of Orlando faced with their original technology
  • Reasons that led them to select a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution
  • Benefits that they hope to achieve by moving to the cloud
  • Lessons learned in procurement and planning that could help your own team 
Linda Gerull
IT Director
Pierce County
Rebecca Sutton
Chief Financial Officer
City of Orlando
Gary Robinson
Pierce County Budget and Finance Department
Mike Duffield
General Manager
Workday Government and Education
John Miri
Center for Digital Government
For questions or details, contact:
Katherine Howard
800-940-6039 ext. 1421
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