Workforce Training Solutions

February 29
Duration: 1 hour

 In addition to the constant need for public sector employee training, there is an increasing demand for cross-training within the different agencies. Compounding this challenging job training environment are service demands and cost pressures.  Luckily, technology solutions are making job training easy and affordable making it possible to meet the needs of a diverse, high-performing workforce. No longer do agencies have to support the high costs of in person face-to-face training. 

This live, interactive web event will address:
  • Trends in virtual training and delivery
  • How virtual training is helping government agencies increase productivity and organization effectiveness; saving time and money
  • The simplicity of virtual training for students to self-enroll, set up course curriculum and track and report end-user results





Teresa L. Altemus
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government & Education


Scott Biegel
Solutions Consultant


For questions, please contact:

Jennifer Caldwell
800.917.7732 ext. 1345