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Fighting the New Fraud: Survey Insights from Governing

November 14
Duration: 1 hour

No two fraud attempts are ever the same and ingenious fraudsters are always looking for ways to outsmart government agencies. With billions of dollars and the soundness of our reputations at stake, governments are taking decisive action. Peter Budetti, Director of the Federal CMS Center for Program Integrity described the size and the importance of the problem this way: “For me the number one way of knowing we have a lot of fraud is that whenever we look, we find more.” 

Join GOVERNING for an in-depth look at our new nationwide survey on fraud. We have tapped into the insights and experiences of your colleagues at all levels of government to see how they are rising to this challenge. We will cover:

  • Why so many of your peers are concerned about fraud in their organizations
  • Surprising new trends in the types of fraud faced by governments
  • Detailed breakdowns of the actions your colleagues are taking to combat the threat
  • How the move to electronic payments – and away from paper checks – can fight fraud
  • Guidance from the experts for putting the lessons learned into practice


Mark Funkhouser, Ph.D.
Former Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri
Director, GOVERNING Institute


Susan Gallagher-Shea 
Senior Vice President
Global Treasury Fraud Monitoring
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Justin Greeves
Vice President

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