Building a Resilient Community: A Framework for Action

July 9
Duration: 1 hour

As unpredictable events affect where we live, there is a critical need to build more resilient communities. We rely on the infrastructure that weaves our communities together to provide livable, prosperous and environmentally responsible communities. Has your jurisdiction taken the necessary steps to fully prepare its facilities and services to be resilient? A team of experts will share a framework for action and best practices.

Join Siemens and Governing as we explore how some of today’s communities are building resilience, including:

  •     What are the key factors that make communities resilient
  •     A new framework to guide the creation of more resilient communities
  •     New distributed energy technologies and grid modernization
  •     Finance models to help build resilient solutions today

In addition to this team of experts who will present on July 9th, you can further explore your options for building a resilient community. Stop by Siemens “Totally Cities, Counties, and Communities” Virtual Trade Show June 23-July 31st.


Erin O’Connell-Diaz
Senior Fellow
former Illinois Public Utility Commissioner


Chad Vander Veen

Kathleen M. Jimino
County Executive
Rensselaer County, NY