Time and Labor Controls for Public Sector: ERP Extension or Best of Breed

August 18, 11-12PM PDT

Manual Workforce Management systems are a common weak point in any public sector organization’s infrastructure; one that usually escapes detection and can deplete millions of budget dollars each year.  Faced with the challenge of moving toward fully automated Workforce Management systems, public sector entities often find themselves at a crossroads of either purchasing their ERP's Time and Labor technology or investing in a best-of-breed product that provides a completely automated and configurable solution.

During this one hour discussion, you’ll discover why a best-of-breed approach to time and labor management:

  • Delivers better performance, including real-time processing
  • Mitigates compliance and bargaining agreement risk
  • Provides reliable business intelligence and decision support through detailed, timely reporting
  • Is easier and less expensive to implement
  • Offers a faster path to controlling labor costs


Fred Kuhn


Don Pagel

Deputy Assistant Director
Payroll Services
City of Houston

Jerry Nepon-Sixt

Public Sector Presales Consulting

Gaspare Loduca

Senior Manager






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Ryan Saul

800-940-6039 ext 1317

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