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Desperately Seeking Savings: Strategies to Cut Medicaid Costs

October 20
Duration: 1 hour

Federal spending on Medicaid is projected to decline by 13 percent over the course of the current fiscal year, yet state spending is expected to rise by nearly 19 percent. With Medicaid expected to consume an ever-increasing proportion of state general funding spending, cutting costs can be tricky. But there are ways to achieve results. John Buntin, GOVERNING’s lead writer on health issues in state and local government will lead a discussion with health policy experts on ways that states are trying to rein in health care costs for Medicaid.

Join GOVERNING on Thursday, October 20th at 2:00 p.m. ET for a live, interactive online forum as we explore this topic.

We will discuss:

  • The current challenges states are facing as they try to hold down Medicaid costs


  • The pros and cons of certain cost-cutting strategies

Speakers Include:

Tod Newcomb
Governing Magazine

John Buntin
Staff  Writer
Governing Magazine

Kathleen Nolan
State Policy and Programs
The Association of Medicaid Directors

Jonathan Seib
Health Advisor to
Washington State
Governor Chris Gregoire

Scott Dunn
Health and Human Services







For questions, please contact:

Michael Shane

800-917-7732 ext 1410