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Managing Technology 2010

Mar. 17 - 18, 2010 | Sacramento, CA

 Managing Technology 2010





"Now is an exciting and challenging time in California. California residents and businesses increasingly expect the state to delivery valuable services quickly, cheaply and transparently. Our Legislative and Administrative officials are addressing these challenges with a renewed commitment to the role that information technology plays, and it is essential that we maintain a healthy dialogue between our government leaders and IT professionals so that our State plans for the future while addressing the needs of today."

— Teri Takai, CIO, State of California

GOVERNING's 12th annual Managing Technology conference offers the opportunity for a diverse group of state and local officials engaged in deciding how best to employ technology in the service of government to come together and exchange best practices and cutting-edge developments. The focus of the dialogue is the effective management of technology to address government's needs across the full spectrum of functions. Participants candidly examine the current challenges to making wise technology decisions in a political environment. The collaborative and interactive format sparks a creative dialogue for CIOs, IT teams, legislators and senior agency executives to explore new ways of working together to manage their government's use of technology.

GOVERNING'S Managing Technology conference provides you with unparalleled resources to improve the way you manage and deliver technology across your organization.

  • Learn about case studies and deployment best practices that can be applied to your systems
  • Connect with top technology leaders across state and local governments who are successfully integrating cutting-edge technologies across a full spectrum of functions
  • Collaborate with CIOs, IT teams, legislators and senior agency executives to explore new ways of working together to manage government's use of technology


Conference Highlight: A Case Study Panel on Utah

Many states are using the economic lull as a time to reflect and plan for government delivery in the years ahead. This panel will be a case study presented by those who are boldly leading Utah with innovative programs and policy. They will share key components of their strategic vision and how they are planning for delivering 21st century government. Utah has led the nation in innovative policy from its four day work week to over 750 online government services. The executive leadership has carefully tied economic policy to workforce planning right on down to a kindergarten classroom. An annual $424 million IT budget supports the state.

  • The Honorable Dave Clark, Speaker of the House, Utah State Legislature
  • John Nixon, State Budget Officer, State of Utah
  • Steve Fletcher, CIO, State of Utah

The conference will provide current ideas from public sector leaders around strategies for policy and budget to transform government and modernize critical business systems.


  • The Honorable Gary Herbert
  • Governor, State of Utah

  • David Kennedy
  • Stanford History Professor Emeritus


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