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GOVERNING North Carolina: A Leadership Forum - 2011

Apr. 27, 2011 | Raleigh Marriott City Center | Raleigh, NC


“What worked well over the last 200 years isn’t necessarily what we need now. How do we open our minds and our toolboxes? The forum will help us all think about these important questions.”

Jim Trogdon, Chief Operating Officer, NC Department of Transportation


  Neil Howe


Neil Howe, Founding Partner and President, LifeCourse Associates

America Enters a New Season of History: What are the New Rules?

The mood across America is changing rapidly, and our country seems to be entering a new period of national urgency. The old rules for leading, legislating, taxing, spending, policy-making, managing, and even parenting no longer work.  More than a decade ago, Neil Howe discovered a remarkable pattern in American history, a cycle of recurring eras driven by generational changes, and predicted many of these changes in what he called “the fourth turning”. What are the new rules of the “fourth turning” era? How will it transform the working environment of every public servant and government leader?

With his insight on generations, Howe offers a road map that truly explains where America is today—and, more importantly, where it is heading—as team-playing Millennials enter young adulthood, pragmatic Gen-Xers take over as midlife managers, and visionary Boomers move into elder leadership roles.

An historian, economist, and demographer, Neil Howe is a founding partner of the consulting firm LifeCourse Associates. He has spoken and written extensively on the collective personalities of today’s generations.  He is also a senior associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, where he helps direct the CSIS Global Aging Initiative.  He is a recognized authority on global aging and long-term fiscal policy. Howe has co-authored ten books, including Generations, The Fourth Turning, Millennials Rising, The Graying of the Great Powers, and Millennials in the Workplace.

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North Carolina is undergoing big changes, and facing continuing budget challenges . . .

In the midst of these changes are opportunities to look at operations and functions of state and local government, and discover new ways to do the business of government. This forum will bring government leaders from all levels together for innovative discussion on how to effectively lead North Carolina in 2011.

Topics include:

  • Leading Government in the 21st Century: Crisis as Opportunity
  • Silo Wreckers: Penetrating the Barriers that have Prevented Us from Working Together Effectively
  • Rethinking Revenues: When All-Cuts Budgeting Doesn't Get It All Done
  • Doing Less with Less: Shift/Shaft Intergovernmentalism
  • Healthcare and Human Services at the Point of Intersection
  • Playing the Cards You've Been Dealt
  • Staffing Government
  •  Courageous Leadership: A Call to Action for Those Who Lead


For conference registration and general assistance contact:

Jennifer Caldwell, Quality Services Manager
Phone: 916-932-1300 ext. 1345




  • Lanier Cansler
  • NC Secretary of Health and Human Services

  • Keith Crisco
  • NC Secretary of Commerce

  • Al Delia
  • Senior Advisor, Office of the NC Governor

  • Mark Funkhouser
  • Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri

  • Charlie Perusse
  • Vice President of Finance, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Jim Trogdon
  • Chief Operating Officer, NC Department of Transportation


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