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GOVERNING New York: A Leadership Forum - 2011

Nov. 9, 2011 | Albany Marriott | Albany, NY


For 25 years, GOVERNING has given state and local leaders the insight, perspective, and tools they need to govern effectively.  The GOVERNING New York Leadership Forum builds on this tradition of service and will bring together thought-leaders, executives and managers from the public and private sectors for an in-depth look at the most pressing issues facing the state in the year ahead. The focus is on outcomes and practical tools—best practices, innovative approaches, proven strategies. 

Leadership Forum attendance is free for government attendees.


• Who Should Attend? State and local government executives / elected officials, policymakers, and managers in planning and economic development; health and human services; public safety and corrections; general services; finance; transportation; energy; and information technology will get an in-depth look at what is happening across the state in each issue area and will gain a better understanding of the programs and policies having the greatest impact.

• The 2011 New York Leadership Forum Agenda has been planned with input and advice from New York state and local government executives. 

 Topics Covered Include:

  • Operations - Ideas for how jurisdictions can work smarter; by partnering in new ways through shared service agreements and consolidation; by using information technology to speed up processes; by using a “lean” approach to continuously improving government management and administration overall through a rigorous analysis of performance and result data.
  • A tough look at the budget - As the state works to close a long-standing and significant budget gap, we’ll consider how the state and localities can work together so that the burden of the budget reductions doesn’t fall on localities.
  • Economic development and jobs - Partnerships between and among government bodies and educational institutions have helped some New York regions become leaders in key technology sectors like nanotechnology and green energy. Where have such partnerships worked and how might NYS’s Regional Economic Development initiative move forward to take advantage of such partnerships?
  • Infrastructure - If New York learned anything in the wake of Irene and Lee, it’s that dealing with aging infrastructure is absolutely critical to the state’s economic future, as is developing the infrastructure of the future, including high technology and Internet access.  In these tough budget times, it’s going to take creativity and partnership for states to maintain and expand the infrastructure that they need to survive and thrive, from transportation to information technology.
  • Staffing government - New York State and New York State localities are facing not only a significant rollover in the public workforce, but significant workforce cuts. How does the state and New York localities attract, train and retain a new generation of motivated and skilled workers, and how do we keep those workers from burning out?

Featured Speakers

The Honorable Paul Tonko
New York's 21st District

Paul Francis
Agency Redesign and Efficiency

State of New York

The Honorable Gerald Jennings
City of Abany

Teresa Hay McMahon
Iowa Lean Consortium

Judge James W. Payne
Indiana Department of Child Services


Joanie Mahoney
County Executive, Onondaga County
State of New York

The Honorable Stephanie Miner
City of Syracuse

Please join us!

 Government Registration is free 

If you represent a private-sector organization and are interested in attending the Forum, please contact Fred Kuhn, Publisher, 202-862-1455.      

  Sponsorship Opportunities  

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Fred Kuhn, Publisher, 202-862-1455.



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For conference registration and general assistance contact:

Jeremy Smith, Registration Coordinator
Phone: 916-932-1300 ext. 1402

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